Marketing & Presentation

You might be ready to let the most wonderful property, but without effective marketing and professional presentation there is little chance that it will fulfill its booking potential. Being able to attract new guests is the most important goal of any holiday letting agency so we take it take it very seriously.

Traditional Media

We regularly advertise in both local and national publications including Coast, Country Living, Harpers Bazaar, Cornwall Today, The Telegraph and The Times.

We also distribute brochures showcasing all of our properties, making sure that those who don't have easy access to the internet can still get the information they require.

Online Marketing

As well as being listed on numerous holiday related websites and online directories we invest a lot of time in SEO (search engine optimization), which means that we rank very highly for all relevant search phrases. In addition to our organic listing we also stay on the ball with Google AdWords, often taking advantage of any media attention on Porthleven or the surrounding area.

We maintain top search engine rankings for all relevant search queries.

Using the latest in analytical software, we are able to keep constant track of our website visitors and how they have found us, which means we have become incredibly efficient with our online marketing.


Our proven marketing strategy means that we receive a large number of 'hits' on our website every day. This attention, however, means little unless it translates into bookings, and therefore it is vital that visitors like what they see. In mid-2011 we launched an all new website. This was designed and built in-house, which means, unlike the majority of businesses, we have absolute control over every last word and picture on our website and can change anything at the drop of a hat.

Our cottage profile pages allow users to see the most important information quickly and easily.

We aim to make booking a holiday as stress-free as the holiday itself! Each of our properties has its own profile page with all the necessary information neatly presented. A description highlights the property's strongest features whilst capturing an essence of the experience of staying there. Guest's positive comments are displayed as well as the property's tariff and an interactive map showing its exact location. The most important feature on the page, we believe, is the large, controllable slideshow, which showcases the most flattering yet honest photographs of the property internally and externally. We will usually take these photographs ourselves and update them every so often to keep the property looking fresh. Again, using analytical software, we can tell how visitors react to each property, (e.g. how long they spend looking at a page, which images they look at for longest etc) and tweak the content according.

The website also seamlessly incorporates a powerful online search and booking facility, which we believe to be top notch. Booking a holiday on our website is a doddle, even for the least computer savvy, and only takes a few moments. We have received numerous positive comments expressing how easy it is to use.

Potential Income

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